Skeyndor launches plant stem cell-based Eternal range

Spanish brand, Skeyndor, introduced its new skincare treatment and homecare range, Eternal, at a media launch in Sydney last week.
The company said that the product is a first in Australia, a “breakthrough in skin science using actives found in the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber, a rare apple found in Switzerland… to stimulate and protect human skin stem cells.” According to Skeyndor, studies of the factors of the stem cells extracted from the Spätlauber reveal a tremendous regenerative capacity.

The liposomal stem cell ingredient, PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, recently received a 2008 Innovation Award for Most Innovative Raw Material Concept from the BSB European Cosmetic Academy Association. Skeyndor has incorporated the ingredient, along with other active ingredients, into its Eternal range.

The Skeyndor Eternal Treatment combines a topical infusion of the plant stem cell concentrates, a cooling, “cryogenic lifting solution” and a rebalancing mask. The treatment is supported by the home care products Eternal Serum for night use only, and Eternal Cream for day and night.

Luca Mora, CEO of Skeyndor, Australia, said at the launch, “I am extremely impressed in seeing the significant reduction in wrinkle depth after the 28-day Eternal in vivo clinical testing and studies. Equally as important is the skin’s more even and hydrated appearance. From a therapist’s viewpoint, I am more than excited with the improved vitality of the skin and the increase in its overall health.”

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