Sherry Strong cuts to the core in Concept Spa

Once again, the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo’s Concept Spa was a focal point of the show. With the theme of pure water and raw foods, this year’s Concept Spa hosted displays, talks and demonstrations from Wellness Filter water filtration systems, Byron Bay Tea Company, Vitality 4 Life juicers and food philosopher, Sherry Strong.

Strong gave 20-minute talks on the wellness benefits of raw foods throughout each day, while Vitality 4 Life made fresh fruit and vegetable juices for visitors to sample.

Strong told Professional Beauty that she was surprised to see the beauty industry, “embracing health from within. It’s a credit to Lauren [Ebbeck]. She really gets it. With the water, raw foods and tea spaces in the Concept Spa, [Reed] has really embraced the concept [of wellness]. I feel a lot of love and respect has gone into [creating] this spa.”

Commenting on visitor feedback to her talks, she said: “People are surprised about what happens to our food and what goes into our food. It’s important to educate people. Our food and environment are so far away from nature that people are getting sick despite ‘eating healthy’. They might eat a ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal, but it contains refined grains and sugars. Even milk is so refined. And we [as humans] don’t really need it.

“My core message is: beauty is not skin deep. It starts on a cellular level. Three things are essential to health and beauty: deep breathing and exercise, water – in its purest form and living [raw] foods, for example, vegetables. This equals radiant skin and health.”

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