Pioneering professional skincare brand RATIONALE partners with The Australian Ballet

The pioneering professional Australian skincare brand RATIONALE has announced a new partnership with The Australian Ballet. The multi-year partnership between RATIONALE and The Australian Ballet will focus on the Ballet Ambassadors Program and its vision for building a legacy of philanthropy.

Founded by The Australian Ballet’s Global Ambassador Sarah Murdoch in 2015, this program seeks to engage a network of ballet lovers, encouraging these audiences to become the next generation of patrons and supporters, contributing to the future vitality and success of the company and artform in Australia.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Australian Ballet, to meaningfully support the arts and playing a significant role in fostering the future of philanthropy,” says RATIONALE CEO Shamini Rajarethnam. “We recognise that, not only can we support the company today but also help protect the future of arts and culture in Australia.”

The Ballet Ambassador Program also looks to champion the paramount role The Australian Ballet holds within Australia’s cultural landscape, and the many lives that it will continue to influence for generations to come. As RATIONALE embarks on its own global debut, it takes immense pride in being able to support Australia’s national ballet company that holds an established and respected position on the international stage. Under the leadership of new Artistic Director David Hallberg, RATIONALE look forward to helping realise the exciting new era of The Australian Ballet

A classically trained pianist and cellist, RATIONALE Founder and Director of Research Richard Parker holds a deep admiration for the arts, as an accomplished performer and musical educator prior to his entry into the world of formulation and dermatological research.

“I have loved the sui generis vitality and energy of The Australian Ballet since my childhood. From every facet, the synergy between RATIONALE and The Australian Ballet reflects the perfected artistry and discipline of both companies. The ultimate physical expression of beauty, together with the brilliance of technique,” says Parker.

As a proudly Australian company, and with a clear and determined desire to promote the arts and emerging talent, RATIONALE believes strongly in supporting inspiring and enduring artistic endeavours—particularly one so prestigious and revered as The Australian Ballet.

“RATIONALE is a perfect partner for The Australian Ballet. We are deeply appreciative to receive a multi-year partnership commitment from a proudly Australian company that believes in the deep value of the arts and culture to our society, and wants to contribute meaningfully to securing the future of The Australian Ballet,” says The Australian Ballet Artistic Director, David Hallberg.

“As dancers, knowing that companies like RATIONALE want to support our artform and The Australian Ballet now and into the future, really does mean a lot. The positive impact of their partnership can’t be under-estimated,” says Principal Artist Amber Scott.

RATIONALE was founded in 1992 by Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker. Since its inception, RATIONALE has developed an industry-leading research and innovation discipline, giving rise to elegant and transformative luxury skincare and treatments that deliver Luminous Skin for Life.

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