Pure Pedi to exhibit at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2011

Set to gain international exposure for its innovative pedicure treatment, Australian-owned Pure Pedi will exhibit at Cosmoprof Las Vegas from July 31 – August 2, 2011.

As well as showcasing its signature Exfoliating Boots, it will also launch an exiting new product at this year’s exhibition.

Pure Pedi is an anti-ageing at-home foot treatment developed by medical and skincare professionals that provides a simple, intensive and long-lasting solution to dry, cracked heels and foot odour.

Formulated from a unique blend of 10 percent alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), plus gentle flower extracts, Pure Pedi’s Exfoliating Boots remove dead skin by allowing feet to peel naturally, revealing soft, healthy and younger-looking skin.

The safe, yet highly effective formula, delivers long-lasting benefits. A single 45-minute treatment results in smooth feet and prevents hard skin build-up for up to six months.

“Alpha hydroxy acids work as an exfoliant, causing the cells of the epidermis to become ‘unglued’ and allowing the dead skin cells to slough off, making room for the re-growth of new skin,” says leading surgeon and anti-ageing expert, Dr Michael Zacharia.

He further explains, “AHAs help improve wrinkling and roughness, so using them to maintain your feet long-term, means smoother and softer feet.”

Pedi Pure will also use Cosmoprof Las Vegas as a platform to release the Pure Pedi Footnight Treatment Cream. The new at-home pedicure treatment contains powerful AHAs with soothing coconut and peppermint extracts and Pure Pedi Hydrating Pedicure (exfoliating boots).

Contact: www.purepedi.com


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