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Professional Beauty SolutionsThe average Australian beauty consumer spends roughly six years of their life on social media, with 68% of them spending that time scrolling through Facebook. “This translates to roughly two hours a day, with consumers actively relying on Facebook when it comes to their purchasing choices,” explains social media expert Daynah Hamilition.

“If your salon isn’t on social media, then…”

These are just some of the things we learned at Professional Beauty Solutions 2017 Education Symposium, with the two-day event educating and inspiring beauty professionals from across the country.

Hosted by company CEO Matt Williams, everything from digital marketing to makeup mastery was discussed at length, with a sit-down lunch with Youngblood Founder Pauline Youngblood and the worldwide launch party of Image Skincare the highlights of the event.

Speaking of highlighting, Youngblood’s Director of Artistry and Global and Domestic/Senior Educator Phillip Luque recreated a series of looks from the brand’s latest collection throughout his day-long master class, with audience members madly writing down each instruction.

“Always contour the cheek using a scooping motion to push it up – never just draw two lines down the side of her face unless you’re purposely trying to create that skid mark look.”

Professional Beauty Solutions

Besides providing guests with a (humourous) running commentary on how to achieve a flawless face, the licensed cosmetologist and industry veteran shared plenty of professional advice, like the importance of sanitising your products in front of the client and how to be direct but polite to a disagreeable customer.

“Don’t do trend makeup! In 20 years you and your client are going to look back and wonder what you were thinking – the ‘80s, anyone?”

He was later joined by Pauline, with the Californian beauty and entrepreneur explaining to the audience that it was her cystic acne that inspired her to create a range of cosmetics.

“I had bad, really bad, acne. I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup covering every inch of my face and the texture of it felt absolutely terrible.”

Professional Beauty Solutions

“I wanted to create a product for women who wanted to conceal something, whether it’s scarring, a birthmark or acne and not feel uncomfortable because of the makeup they have to wear to do so.”

“The most rewarding thing for me is the testimonials from the women that come to me and tell me how much they love this makeup or how it changed their life.”

“Especially the real stories of some people that had a port wine stain or something that really made them feel so self-conscious and when they tell me that I have no idea how this makeup has made them feel so much better and that they feel like a completely different person – those are the things that remind me why I’m doing this.”


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