Plant-based, biodegradable packaging to launch in Australia

Melbourne-based manufacturer, Synergy Packaging is launching a range of biodegradable bottles, jars and tubes made of polylactide (PLA) in March 2009.

PLA is made from starches such as corn starch or sugar cane. Bottles and jars made from PLA generally resemble PET packaging. They are clear (with a slightly yellowish tinge) and easily coloured and printable. They feel stronger and lighter but are generally not as resistant to heat and corrosive materials.

Mr Meng Chong, Director of Synergy Packaging, said, “plastic made totally from plant-based material that is biodegradable will reduce the dependence on petroleum-based plastic and eliminate the harm that non-biodegradable plastic does to the environment. Equally impressive is the ability of this new type of biodegradable plastic to be recycled.”

As this is one of the first general releases of PLA-based packaging to the beauty and cosmetic sectors, Mr Chong said that trials will be required to establish the packaging properties of this new material.

He added: “I believe that PLA will one day take over from all other plastic material because consumers and businesses alike will want to do what is best for Mother Earth.”

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