Perfect Potion attains BDIH status

Perfect Potion announced recently that it has become the first Australian company to comply with the strict standards of BDIH – Certified Natural Cosmetics. BDIH, an internationally recognised German organisation, has developed comprehensive guidelines and rigorous standards for the manufacture of certified natural cosmetics.

While Perfect Potion already incorporate natural and organic ingredients, the certification process was a two-year challenge for the Brisbane-based company, and involved it having to reformulate most of its products in order to gain international recognition as a natural skincare brand.

Managing Director, and Co-owner of Perfect Potion, Salvatore Battaglia, said, “It’s just so exciting that we can offer the world an authentic natural product. With international recognition, there is no questioning the integrity of the product, which will help us enter overseas markets and validate what we do.”

Perfect Potion products bearing the BDIH certification logo use only natural raw materials such as plant oils, plant-derived waxes, herbal extracts, essential oils and aromatic materials from certified organic biological cultivation or controlled biological wild collection. Raw materials are required to be processed in a way that reduces ecological impact and supports fair trade.

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