PBA releases 2008 National Profile of the US Salon Industry

The recently released 2008 National Profile of the Salon Industry from the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) presents a national profile of the US salon industry, which includes beauty salons and spas, nail salons and barber shops.

Highlights from the study include:

– There are more than 825,600 salon industry establishments in the United States. Beauty salons and spas make up the largest proportion of the salon industry, representing 69 per cent of all establishments. 

– Eighty-seven percent of beauty salon and spa establishments are non-employers, meaning they have no payroll employees. With the exception of unpaid family workers, individuals who work at non-employer establishments are classified as self-employed or independent contractors. 

– In 2006, the most recent year for which figures are available, the overall salon-industry registered sales of US$37.5 billion – up 86 per cent from a sales volume of US$20.2 billion in 1997. 

– Thirty-two percent of all individuals in personal appearance occupations are self-employed. 

– Fifty-four percent of beauty salon and spa establishments (with payroll employees) have fewer than five employees, while 80 per cent of beauty salon and spa establishments have fewer than ten employees. 

– The salon industry continues to be home to a diverse workplace. Fourteen percent of individuals in personal appearance occupations are Asian, compared to just five per cent of the overall US workforce. 

– The US salon industry registered steady growth in the number of establishments in recent years. However, that growth was largely driven by substantial gains in the number of non-employer establishments. Between 1997 and 2006, the number of total salon industry establishments without payroll employees grew by more than 277,500. During the same period, the number of salon industry establishments with payroll employees increased by approximately 7,300.

At the PBA Symposium in July 2009, which will now be held in conjunction with Cosmoprof North America, PBA will release a ground-breaking study on the professional beauty industry.

The 2008 National Profile of the Salon Industry is free for members of PBA and $149 for non-members. To access the report along, with other research on the US industry, please visit: probeauty.org/businesstools/resources

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