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Ready, Reset, Go!

Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Eye Creme

Emma Lewisham has announced the release of her eponymous brand’s highly-anticipated new product, the Skin Reset Eye Creme. Two years of research and development precede the product’s release; and contains eighteen scientifically proven, high-performing active ingredients and two liposomal delivery systems. The cream derives its magic from saccharide isomerase and hyaluronic acid; scientifically proven to remain in the skin’s epidermis for up to 72-hours.

“A scientifically backed, 100 percent natural Eye Crème has undoubtedly been the most requested product from our customers. We’ve wanted to add this product to our range for some time. But we’re committed to taking the time needed to ensure each new product is category-defining and delivers on our natural and scientifically backed ethos,” said founder Emma Lewisham.

To learn more, contact Emma Lewisham on hello@emmalewisham.co.nz

Beaming Babor

[from left] Babor Super Soft Lip Oil in ‘Pearl Pink’ and ‘Juicy Red’

With the focus shifting to soft and glowy makeup, we cannot help but long for Babor’s nourishing high-gloss lip oil. Available in ‘Juicy Red’ and ‘Pearl Pink,’ the new lip product will turn heads and soften lips in what is sure to be Australia’s coldest winter. T he formula is non-sticky and contains cherry seed oil that generates lips that are super glossy and velvet soft.

To learn more, contact Babor Cosmetics Australia on 1800 139 139.

FAST FACT: Unlike the rest of our body, our lips do not have sebaceous glands
— which is why wax-based lip balms are band-aid solutions to long-term lip care.

J’adore Viviology

James Vivian’s Viviology Skin

Adore Beauty has launched a new cosmecutical range, Viviology, with Melbourne dermal therapist James Vivian. The six-piece range is packed with active ingredients and created on the back of intense scientific research. Viviology aims to make skincare simple, fun, and inclusive. The collection includes foaming cleanser, liquid exfoliant, retinol serum, niacinamide + HA serum, vitamin C serum, and a ceramide moisturiser.

“Since the inception of cosmeceuticals in recent years, I’ve seen clients and consumers faced with an overload of products and information that can leave them and their skin feeling confused and overwhelmed. I was driven to create a brand that made one look and feel great, was straight forward, full of active ingredients and didn’t break the bank,” said James Vivian.

To learn more, contact the James Vivian team on 03 9827 1331.

Omnilux Dazzles With LED

Omnilux CLEAR LED mask

The at-home Omnilux CLEAR is a simple way to stay on top of your salon skincare routine when time is not on your side. Omnilux is best known for their professional medical-grade devices. The product is a simple flexible plastic mask that can be worn with a velcro catch at the back to do it up. It is advised to leave the mask on for a maximum of ten minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week for six weeks for the initial treatment. It works because of medical light therapy technology which has exhibited positive results for acneprone skin. LED masks are designed to focus on reducing fine lines, simulating collagen production, and combating mild cases of acne.

To learn more, contact Omnilux on info@omniluxled.com.

(Literally) Going Green

Dermaenergy Kale Peel

The Dermaenergy Kale Peel is widely known as a green smoothie for your skin. The peel is overflowing with protective antioxidants, restorative trace elements, and acids to increase cellular turnover. Its overall effect aims to increase the healthiness and vitality of skin, as kale, blue green algae, and chlorophyll all help infuse essential greens into the epidermis.

The Kale Peel also contains a proteolytic enzyme that helps to ignite and commence exfoliation, which is further enhanced with Alpha Hydroxy Acids + Beta Hydroxy Acids. 

Dermaenergy also has multiple fruit peels — such as the Berry and Enzyme Peel — which are free of salicylic acid. On the other hand, the vegetable peels (Pumpkin & Kale Peel) are salicylic acid based and create heat.

To learn more, contact Dermaenergy on 1300 799 709.

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Read the current issue of our digital magazine here:

Have an idea for a story or want to see a topic covered on our site and in our pages? Get in touch at info@professionalbeauty.com.au.

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