Party culture responsible for increased nail polish sales

A new study has revealed that today’s heightened party culture is responsible for an increase in nail polish purchases. According to P&S Market Research, customers are regularly changing the shade of their nails to coordinate with their various social events.

“Nail care has emerged as an integral part of women’s fashion; while the trend of frequent change in nail color is providing a significant opportunity for the growth of the market,” the study reports.

“Globally, women aged over 55 years have been observed to be the major professional nail service consumers during the past few years…however, the increasing party culture, wearing different shades of nail colors at formal and informal events are encouraging the consumers to purchase multiple shades of nail coloring products.”

The study goes on to say that while the demand for nail gels are growing at a considerable rate, the potential health risk associated with their use may slow down the growth of that particular segment.

“The restraints in the global nail care market include increasing concern of consumers towards the use of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde resin and camphor that causes dermatitis, nausea, dizziness, and headache. The demand of natural and low chemical nail colors have been up surging owing to increasing consumer concern for nail damage, due to frequent polishing as well as other health-related concerns.”

The study also found that the relatively new concept of nail bars is gaining popularity in the U.S and the U.K thanks to increased consumer demand. Unsurprisingly, the flow on effect from this surge has seen a higher demand for nail polish removers, accessories, and clippers.

“Manicures and nail jewellery are gaining significant popularity among women these days,” the report reveals. “Japan is the key market for nail care in Asia-Pacific. Manicures are most common in Japan; however the trend of ‘business nails’ has been emerging in the country during the recent years.”

The ‘business nail’ trend has seen thousands of Japanese businessmen flock to salons to have their nails painted. And by painted, we mean gemstones, anime characters, pastels and even company logos. Apparently, the male customers have claimed that since getting their nails done, they’re been rewarded with pay rises and promotions, not to mention have more friends and lovers than before.

We can’t think of a more appropriate time to say ‘nailed it!’


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