Renowned organic skincare brand now available at salons

Founder and creator Nancy Evans

The average woman absorbs over 515 chemicals per day from their facial products according to a 2009 study[1]. This statistic is just one of the reasons why Nancy Evans does what she does.

The nutritionist, beauty therapist and formulator has been manufacturing her skincare line Organic Rosehip Skincare since 1993, striving to create a range of natural, high-quality and anti-chemical products that care and protect the skin.

When her young son developed an itchy and painful skin condition that noticeably worsened when sunscreen was applied, the Queensland mother took matters into her own hands.

“This prompted me to research and develop an organic cream to soothe his constant itching and inflammation. I couldn’t just sit back and watch my son suffer when I applied the sunblock it blocked his lymph nodes which caused severe allergies resulting in a burning sensation,” she told Professional Beauty.

“That is what inspired me to formulation my own organic sun moisturising cream that will not harm the body.”

Born on the East African island of Mauritius, Nancy understood the importance of organic raw ingredients and their benefits to the skin from a young age. She sourced ingredients from certified organic farms to create her first organic rosehip cream, mortgaging her home to fund costs during the three years it took her to perfect the formula.

What was once a kitchen bench affair, Nancy’s Organic Rosehip Skincare line has now burgeoned into a 60-product strong collection designed to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, spots, scars, burns and eczema.

Organic Rosehip Skincare range

“The raw ingredients contain no chemical solvents and are all cold pressed naturally, to keep the nutrients active,” says Nancy. “I’ve centred my products around the Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for a good reason, as it’s very beneficial for all types of skin.”

“It has a high content of Vitamin C in the form of essential fatty acids and contains 77% linoleic and linolenic acids, which have an important function in preventing damage to skin tissue while also counteracting the drying effect of the sun.”

Formulated and manufactured in Tweed Heads, Organic Rosehip Skincare is produced in small batches to ensure freshness, while each product contains no petrochemical solvents or harmful ingredients.

Each product is a combination of organic herbs, flowers, plants and essential oils,” says Nancy. “Organic Rosehip Skincare is essential for any conscious skincare user because they provide total skin nutrition.”

With over 25 years of research behind it, Nancy is passionate about spreading the word that natural and plant-based products are the future of conscious skincare, and is planning on stocking her products in wellness centres, spas and retreats later this year.

“It is my goal to share my passion and deliver high-quality skin nutrition to as many people as I can,” she tells us. “Only the purest raw organic ingredients and preservatives are used and each product is made with lots of love and passion.”

For more information, check out Organic Rosehip Skincare’s website here

[1] Undertaken by Bionsen, a natural deodorant company.



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