OmniDerm supports ‘no internet sales of product’

In light of a story recently published on, Paul Fister, Managing Director of OmniDerm, distributors of German brand Dr Spiller Biocosmetics, has stated that his company has had a policy of “no internet sales” for its product since the year 2000.

Fister said OmniDerm clients sign a ‘Stockist Agreement’ with part of that agreement stating that a stockist will not offer Dr. Spiller products for sale on the internet.

“Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics are a skincare line for skin specialists. Professional skin analyses, conducted face-to-face, are essential for proper diagnosis and personally tailored prescription of home care products,” Fister said. “Our products aren’t available on the internet. This policy is enforced worldwide from our German head office. The aim is to maintain our high standards by effectively preventing unprofessional selling of product not only within Australia but across borders from other countries.”

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