O&M to Launch Concept Salon

Original & Mineral will be launching its first concept salon on Oxford Street, Paddington in Sydney in the next couple of months.

The new concept store, Original "A" will launch in the next couple of months

The new salon will be called Original “A” and is an extension of Atlantis Hair salon and the O&M brand philosophy, vision and services.

The concept salon is designed by Matthew Nadilo for Alan Buki and Jose Bryce Smith who are the co-founders of Original & Mineral. The vision behind the new salon is to create a relaxed, approachable, intelligent, cool vibe for clients. 

The interior is inspired by a New York industrial look and feel with a polished finishing which will see the salon expose old brick heritage, grey metal and wood as a part of the aesthetics. The unique 140 square metre salon will also feature a bar and retail space for O&M’s popular hair care and styling products.

For more information on O&M visit www.originalmineral.com

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