New pilot study shows Formostar’s effectiveness for pain relief

In April, Formostar released the results of a pilot study showing an 83 per cent success rate in reducing pain for neuromuscular conditions and musculoskeletal diseases – further extending the far infrared body wrap technology’s effectiveness beyond its traditional weight loss function.

The pilot study, conducted in Australia in 2008 at the Perth Integrated Health Clinic, found that 83 per cent of participants demonstrated some pain reduction in the relief of muscle-based conditions like muscle pain and strains as well as joint, bone and spinal-based conditions like joint injury and cartilage degeneration. Participants also reduced their pain levels by an average of 4.67 based on the McGill pain scale (with 20 being the highest score) – indicating Formostar can aid in pain management.

In addition, the study showed that the Formostar can be used to assist with other pain management techniques like soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation and massage therapy.

Sydney physiotherapist, Kylie Tomich, of Bodymove Physiotherapy, has been using the Formostar on her client for over four years and has found it very effective in managing chronic pain. Tomich said she has seen immediate results when treating acute pain and muscular/tendon/ligament injuries with the Formostar. “But more importantly, we have very good results with pain relief for patients with chronic pain including arthritis, spinal pain and joint problems as well as increased mobility among this population. The treatment is effective as it increases the blood flow and volume to the area by approximately three to four times, which is essential for healing and pain relief.”

Tomich explained that the Formostar works by affecting the nerve endings producing an analgesic effect. It improves the circulation and leads to an increase in oxygen to the area, which then provides an optimal healing environment. This allows the body to dispose of metabolic waste products, increased blood flow also increases recovery time quicker and decreases any muscle spasm associated with an injury.

“As the effects of the heat result in increased mobility to the area, it also helps to treat more effectively. Formostar also gives a treatment option when we are unable to treat manually or if there is too much pain. For example, arthritis is not a painful condition, it is what happens to the arthritic joint that causes pain and it is these symptoms that Formostar can treat,” she said.

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