New Lipstick App

RED Lipstick is a new app that allows women to find their perfect red lipstick shade using a smart phone or tablet.


Handy for any makeup artist answering a client’s request for that ‘perfect red’ shade, this new beauty app is the brainchild of Australian cosmetics brand RED Burlesque.

RED Burlesque created the app to help women try on different shades of red lipstick without having to visit stores or risk using unhygienic testers.


The app allows the user to take a photo of themselves and try on 20 different shades of red lipstick virtually. There’s also a function called ‘What’s my shade’ that identifies the perfect red via a simple questionnaire that asks for the user’s skin tone, skin colour and hair colour.

This is a great tool for makeup artists or RED Burlesque stockists to find the perfect red shade for clients in a fast and simple manner.

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