The Future of Your Salon’s Beauty Equipment

Sleek screens, voice control and on demand lasers used to exist only in sci-fi films with glamorous heroines slinking about in luxurious dystopian settings. However, according to the Consumer Electronics Show, that ultra-luxe dystopian future is now.

Held in Las Vegas this month, the beauty tech portion of the summit unveiled the kind of beauty technology that could change the entire outlook of your salon. We sleuthed through the array of cell renewal, portable skin rejuvenators and digital hairbrushes to fill you in on some of the most impressive beauty tech products.

iDerma – Facial Beautification System
The iDerma Facial Beautification System is the perfect alternative to hand-held, low-level light therapy treatments in your beauty salon. A wearable phototherapy device that has over 140 red and infrared LEDs with a narrow-angle and wide angle lenses, this full-face mask evenly covers the entire face surface and doesn’t require constant supervision.

iDerma has made a name for themselves as the beauty rejuvenation specialists, with their iGrow Hair Growth System receiving worldwide renowned for its ability to revitalise hair follicles and boost cellular regrowth. The Facial Beautification System, on the other hand, uses red LED light therapy to reverse and improve the signs of ageing by stimulating deep cellular regeneration. It’s also designed to heal redness and inflammation, lightening age spots and enhance the effectiveness of skin care products. Priced at roughly $600, the Facial Beautification System is set to be released later this year.

HiMirror – HiMirror Plus
Considered as one of the world’s first smart beauty mirrors, the HiMirror Plus can complete a personalised and in-depth analysis of a client’s skin just by taking their picture. The touch-free design breaks down surface level flaws such as complexion, sun damage, pores and wrinkles before recommending the products needed to fix each imperfection.

Not only that, but it has a nearly endless list of high-tech features. LED lighting for five different environmental settings, skin history tracking system, smartphone synching, real time beauty and fitness advice, voice and gesture commands…you can even stream music and listen to the radio.


HiMirror – HiSkin

A hand-held device that connects to the HiMirror, HiSkin can evaluate cuticle moisture, subcutaneous pigmentation, dark circles, acne scars and environmental factors all in a click of a button. “With the addition of HiMirror Plus and HiSkin, users can now have access to information often reserved for (expensive) dermatologist visits and proactively ward off visible signs of aging,” Simon Shen, CEO of HiMirror and its parent company, said in a press release.

While the gadget is seen as an add-on to the HiMirror Plus, HiSkin is a wonder device in its own right. Besides weighing in at only 35grams, being incredibly portable and having a long standby, HiSkin can display multiple records and real-time data upon demand so consumers know which product is making a legitimate difference to their skin, making it perfect for skincare shopping.

Samsung – S-Skin Smart Skincare Solution
Like the HiMirror, Samsung’s S-Skin Smart Skincare Solution also analysis and tracks the skin’s condition, but it also actively treats imperfections with micro-needle patches that penetrate the skin with problem-specific ingredients while simultaneously taking measurements.

Designed to treat wrinkles and blemishes, the biodegradable needles measure hydration, redness and melanin while using LED light therapy to reduce the appearance of dark spots and an uneven complexion.

Images by iDerma, HiMirror and Samsung


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