New beauty marketing company offers cooperative advertising

WithoutSurgery is a new company which says it aims to change the way individual beauty clinics advertise treatments, helping these clinics save money by cooperatively advertising for them to deliver maximum exposure at a minimum cost.

Founder of WithoutSurgery and experienced beauty clinic owner, Suzie Clifton, said it can be tough for individual clinics to find the marketing budget to advertise in an overly saturated market. “Take the current economic environment for instance. Imagine a company that could drive qualified clients to your door; working on the principal of economies of scale. We have developed a marketing strategy that is crucial to the survival of a clinic’s success in today’s times. Our number one commitment is to driving clients to your door.”

Clifton said that aligning with a leading Sydney advertising agency has allowed for premium researched and integrated campaigns.

WithoutSurgery has engaged a professional team led by Natice Fairburn, previously the operations manager and head of training for beauty equipment distributor, C8.

“Our campaigns allow you to engage in a broader scope of advertising that the majority of clinics cannot achieve as a single clinic,” Clifton said. “Full market penetration on multiple levels leads to increased clinic profile and profits. Mixed relevant and contextual communications including print, online and experiential are the key. It is also important to recognise that all the hard work is done for you, I am constantly told how exhausting it is for clinic owners to continuously invent advertising and marketing ideas to attract new clientele.”

The campaign by WithoutSurgery launched in early June with a unique ‘Lipomassage by Endermologie’ beauty campaign in Who Weekly Magazine.

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