Matt Williams talks Dermalux

Professional Beauty talks to Matt Williams, managing director at Professional Beauty Solutions, about Dermalux’s winning streak in the UK – and how rebuilding is going after the tornado hit the company’s headquarters.


Matt Williams, managing director Professional Beauty Solution.
Matt Williams, managing director at Professional Beauty Solutions tells us why Dermalux is on such a winning streak.


Dermalux LED recently won ‘Treatment of the Year 2015’ at the UK Aesthetics Awards 2015, which follows on from the LED system winning ‘Treatment of the Year 2014’ and  ‘Best New Treatment 2013′. Professional Beauty Solutions distributes the LED system in Australia, what makes Dermalux so successful? 

“The fact that it is three times as effective and half the price of the leading competitor,” says Matt Williams. “It is a real game changer in the world of LED Light Therapy. It’s made in the UK and features the latest cutting edge technology.”

What makes Dermalux LED different?  

“LED Light Therapy was already an extremely profitable aspect of a salon or clinics business, but then when you deliver a machine that is easier to use and can offer your clients better results in less time, that’s why Dermalux seems to be in a league of its own,” says Williams. “There are also no gimmicks with Dermalux, they only use the wavelengths that have been clinically proven to work.”


Dermalux has three wave lengths and no "gimmicks" says Williams.
Dermalux has three wave lengths and no “gimmicks” says Williams.


Has the success been replicated in Australia? 

“So far we have been overwhelmed with the demand for the Dermalux,” says Williams. “We have seen many salons that have been using LED equipment for quite a few years, they know how amazing it is for their business, but their old machines are a bit tired, so they’re looking to upgrade.”

What do professionals love about the Dermalux system? 

“There is no another LED Light Therapy machine that offers all three lights (blue, red and near infrared) of light in the perfect and proven wavelengths all in one head,” says Williams. “This is the key to it’s even greater and faster results as well as being more time efficient for their clients.”

Clients are turning to Dermalux for "an update" on the technology, says Williams.
Clients are turning to Dermalux for “an update” on the technology, says Williams.


On another note, Professional Beauty Solutions HQ was hit by a tornado before Christmas. How is re-building going?   

“Our team has worked so hard to get back to business as quickly as possible,” says Matt Williams. “I am delighted that we are operating at nearly full capacity at our temporary facility.”


The devastation meant the PBS team needed to evacuate immediately.
The devastation of the tornado before Christmas meant the PBS team needed to evacuate their headquarters immediately.


What was the damage in the end?

“Our office and training room was completely destroyed and we also lost nearly half of our warehouse stock to water damage,” says Williams.

How long will it be before you are up and running in your headquarters again? 

“We have just been notified that the tornado was so powerful that it has caused structural damage to our building, so we might not be back to our location for another 3-6 months.”


the damage will take around four months to repair.
The damage to PBS is structural and will take another 3-6 months to repair.


It must have been a challenging time for Professional Beauty Solutions. How have you dealt with this kind of business upset? 

“Surprisingly well, don’t get me wrong it has been quite stressful at times, but our team has been amazing,” says Williams. “Our objective was to simply get back to business as quick as possible so that our salons didn’t suffer. The loyalty of our clients has also been extraordinary. Their support during this challenging time has made us all feel quite blessed.”


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