Make-Up Foundation gets Make-Up International brand

The Make-Up Foundation (TMF) recently became the Australian distributor for UK brand, Make-Up International (MUI).

TMF has brought the full range to Australia, offering it both for retail and wholesale. The range is particularly aimed at those artists who like to work from palettes and with professional level makeup. It is made in the UK and not tested on animals.

TMF founder and UK native, Nicola Richards, had previously worked with MUI in London. When Richards moved to Australia she contacted MUI and offered to look after distribution of the brand over here in Australia.

“I feel it’s a very good professional quality range that does what it promises,” Richards said. “As I am familiar with the brand it seemed natural to bring over the products I like working with and encourage others to try the brand.”

According to Richards, the range is unique as it was designed by a makeup artist for makeup artists, products have been tested to ensure they photograph beautifully in both studio conditions and in everyday light, and their corrective palette is especially useful for correcting blemishes such are dark under-eyes to sunburn.

The creator of MUI is renowned makeup artist Walter Schneiderman, who has 47 years experience in the film industry. His credits include such films as: Anna Karenina, Guns of Navarone, Fiddler on the Roof, Yentl, Rollerball, Cry Freedom, The Elephant Man and Chaplin.
Richards has some impressive credits of her own, having worked with the BBC and winning a Bafta and an Emmy for her work on Jane Eyre in 2007.

Richards has also established The Make-up Foundation Directory and Online Professional Store.

The free online directory lists professional freelance makeup and/or hair artists looking for exposure. Artists can promote themselves via their own web page – listed under the categories of their expertise. Web pages include photos, contact details, portfolio pictures, CV and client testimonials, and members can regularly update their profile via their own private log-in page.

“We are now gaining members at a rapid rate from all over the country. Our presence at both the Sydney and Melbourne beauty expos has definitely helped us gain members,” Richards said.

“As the site gains more web presence we are finding that more and more of our members are receiving enquires. I eventually hope that the directory will become a great information tool for makeup artists and to eventually have job posting, information pages and a forum where makeup artists and hairstylists can discuss certain topics.”

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