MagicSkin IPL joins Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign

MagicSkin IPL has joined the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) campaign. James Hay, Managing Director of MagicSkin IPL, said the company joined AMAG to in order to compete more effectively on the international market as they start to export their “all Australian” IPL machine, the MagicSkin HS350E Professional. “We are competing against the Germans, Americans, Isaelis and Brits in this ever-expanding market and even though our machines are built in China, they are made to our own demanding specifications and quality control,” Mr Hay explained.

“The other ‘big guys’ are doing the same and we want to compete on a level playing field with them. By having the Australian ‘brand’ we will be able to compete with them globally and introduce Australia’s very own IPL machine into the global beauty and medical markets. We started in the IPL market with a Chinese clone but have taken this machine and changed it dramatically in both functionality and style. Our Professional IPL system is now one of the finest IPL machines in the world and we now feel able to compete with the big boys on the global market.”

MagicSkin IPL launched a search for global distributors of the product at Cosmoprof Hong Kong in November 2008. visit for information.

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