Lime Crime Lands at Scotty’s

Vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line Lime Crime has arrived at Scotty’s Makeup and Beauty. 

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Lime Crime will be available in both Sydney and Melbourne stores. The 6oth brand to hit the shelves of Scotty’s, Lime Crime is a daring cosmetic line with a wide range of colours – perfect for any makeup creative.

”For years I have watched Lime Crime grow, from its conception to near global domination. Its colours and textures work well for the fashion environment, so both Scotty’s customers and ACMUSE students will always benefit from such a brand at their fingertips. Lime Crime is the 60th brand to be stocked at Scotty’s, and the 6th vegan brand to hit the shelves – we’re very pleased to have the quality brand on board,” said Scott Lattimer, owner of Scotty’s.

Lime Crime stands out from other vegan cosmetics brands with its industry standard formulations, strong pigments and an unapologetically daring colour range.

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