Laser Clinics Australia Take New Business Direction

Renowned laser hair removal chain, Laser Clinics Australia are taking the franchise in a new direction, under the guidance of newly appointed GM, Tim Sinclair…

Laser Clinics Australia's Blacktown clinic in NSW.
Laser Clinics Australia’s Blacktown clinic in NSW.

It’s been almost a decade since the first Laser Clinics Australia (LCA) clinic opened its doors, and now, as the booming hair removal franchise enters its eighth year in operation, a very different mix of treatment offerings under the new management of retail stalwart Tim Sinclair, who recently stepped into the general manager’s position, will see LCA move in a new direction.

So Professional Beauty sat down with the new GM himself to discuss his plans for the business, and where the new treatment offering will see it headed for the next decade…

How did the role come about at LCA?

“I’ve spent time working across services industries, FMCG and retail and was fascinated by the growth in the cosmetic treatments and aesthetics industry. I had the opportunity to meet with the two founders and with part owners, Archer Growth Fund, who were interested in my mix of finance, human resources and general management experience.  Fundamentally this is a people business, and I felt my experiences were strongly aligned with the growth ambitions of LCA.”

What drew you to the business? 

“There were really three key things about LCA that made a big difference. The passion and commitment of the franchisees, the market leadership and finally, it was about the owners.  We have the best of both worlds here – passionate and entrepreneurial founders who want to support and work closely with me, combined with the skills, structure and business expertise that Archer Capital bring to the table.  It hasn’t just attracted me to the business – we get the best franchisees, clinic and head office staff because of this.”

Under your management, LCA is going to be taking a new direction. Can you explain a little about that?

“LCA now has three key client offerings in addition to hair removal – skin treatments, Skinstitut skin products and cosmetic injectables.  Most of our clients take advantage of multiple treatments – while they may come in for laser hair removal or cosmetic injectables, we get to surprise and delight them with a range of skin treatments which meet their different skin types and needs.

Our skincare services will continue to reflect our core values – providing our customers with the most advanced treatments, that offer visible results at an affordable price. Our MaxRF treatment is a great example of innovation in this space, combining the benefits of skin needling with radio frequency to create new collagen and elastin – to repair, rejuvenate and restore skin to look its very best.”

What do you think the future of skincare is for LCA?

“Clients these days are time poor and want treatments that provide quick and effective results. Clients are also very savvy – they are knowledgeable about their skin and the types of treatments available, so they want to understand the science behind how the treatment works.  There’s a healthy level of scepticism around ‘extravagant’ claims.

So the future of our skincare will continue to adapt with changing customer demands.  Technology and skin products are constantly evolving – think about changes in the last five to 10 years. The range of skincare alternatives has grown enormously.  I think we will see clients from all walks of life turning more to skin treatments and technology, supported by product, rather than use of skin products alone.”

With all the new technology on offer, do you think there will still be a place for traditional skincare in clinics in another decade?

“Absolutely.  I see traditional skincare offerings such as facials continuing to be popular.  However, I think many consumers see these treatments as serving a different purpose – to relax, cleanse and refresh rather than making sustained improvements to the look and health of the skin, where long term results are desired.”


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