Karla Spetic and Musq makeup align at RAFW

Musq mineral makeup sponsored designer, Karla Spetic when she launched her Spring/Summer 2009-2010 “Blossoms Will Run Away” collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week last week.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Karla Spetic. Musq’s purity is perfect for Karla’s new collection to create the key look inspired by Meryl Streep in [the 1979 Woody Allen film] Manhattan – natural, radiant and effortless beauty,” said Juli Walsh of Musq cosmetics.

“The concentration of Musq’s 100 per cent natural ingredients makes it a professional quality perfect for the demands of runway, and without the un-natural shine when minerals are diluted,” she said. 

According to Musq, the alignment forges a new and exciting connection for both Australian brands which, while young, have formed reputations for high quality and innovative product development.

Both brands combine the classic with the bold and inspiring elements of beauty through individuality.

“Karla’s collections are a perfect fusion of truly beautiful pieces that balance fashionable elements with classic features and original textiles. Karla excels in superb tailoring and attention to detail,” Walsh said.

Musq’s makeup director, Allison Boyle and Juli Walsh collaborated to design a soft natural, palette. Allison and the team of makeup artists, Wayne Chick, Jasmin Lo, Felicia Yong and Chisato Arai used Musq’s crème and powder foundations on the models. Each model wore the just-released Musq Oyster eyeshadow for a neutral, elegant effect.

Boyle said she is a big fan of Musq’s crème foundation.

“This helped us create the look which has a very soft, natural and feminine feeling to it. But at the same time keeping it fresh and modern with the new lighter textures and colours that Musq mineral makeup provides,” Boyle said.

She added: “The cheeks and lips are softly flushed with a tone that works beautifully with the colour palette of the new collection.”

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