Jane Iredale Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Mineral makeup brand Jane Iredale celebrates 20 years of crystal vision and clear results.

Jane_IredaleIn 1994 founder Jane Iredale introduced her mineral makeup to the aesthetic industry. According to the brand, this was a milestone moment for the beauty industry as it was the first time makeup and skincare combined.

Inspired by her past theatre and film work, Jane saw how detrimental layers and layer of heavy makeup were to actresses and models. Jane then made it her mission to develop products that were good for the skin and helped these women advance in their careers. With hard work and determination, the first product Amazing Base was born in 1994.

With many more milestones to add to the history books, the brand celebrates turning 20 with a deep sense of achievement. Jane Iredale celebrates two decades of enhancing the lives of women in 43 countries and through an international distribution channel rooted in medical clinics, spas and salons.

“We are celebrating this milestone with new innovations and will continue to deliver personal, uplifting beauty that is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear. I know the next 20 years will be even more incredible that the last,” said Jane.

For more information visit https://janeiredale.com/au/en.htm

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