Inika proves we’re a global beauty influencer

INIKA’s recently announced expansion into the U.S is a resounding reminder that the international beauty world now looks to Australia for the latest trends. Entering the U.S market this month, INIKA describes it’s makeup as the healthiest on the planet, with each product certified organic, vegan, halal, cruelty-free and formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The organic cosmetics market is projected to grow 10% by 2021, with an estimated worth of a staggering $16 billion. “We believe Australia and that region of the world is at the forefront of clean and green beauty,” says Indie Beauty Expo co-Founder and U.S native Jillian Wright. “Australia is a pillar of health and wellness living.  We have many Instagram crushes on brands and influences from Australia.  We look to you for trends in beauty.”

Based out of Melbourne, INIKA Organic’s U.S launch coincides with the company’s 10-year anniversary, with the brand already available in 30 countries worldwide. “We are delighted to bring INIKA Organic into the U.S market,” says INIKA Organic CEO and Owner Tony Rechtman.

“There is an increasing demand for high quality, healthiest (sic) beauty products and we are thrilled to be able to make our products – that are the healthiest, and most highly certified in the market – readily available to American consumers.”

The launch follows the booming 2016 trend of green cosmetics and skincare, with Australian skincare and makeup brands capitalising on the ever increasing interest.

Edible Beauty Founder Anna Mitsios recently took home the award for Best Facial Cleanser and was nominated for two other titles at North America’s Indie Beauty Expo and has been closely tracking the dramatically reversed global influencer roles.

“I think the Australian beauty industry is incredibly innovative and making a lot of progress. I think we’re setting the standard for a lot of international brands with our unique ingredients, products and stories.”

“This is a great change from what we were considered previously – not sure what’s turned that around, but we’re really starting to see the benefits of what’s in our own backyard and keeping our quality standards high,” says Anna. “Everyone is using Australia’s beauty industry as a source of inspiration.”


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