Attention salon employers! If you’re not quite sure what your rights as an employer are, a workshop, held by The HR People this month, will help set things straight.


As a salon employer you actually have rights. Yes you do!
Karen Vercoe, founder of The HR People says, as a salon employer you actually have rights. Yes you do!


The HR People have been offering human resources and business efficiency solutions to organisations since the company was founded in 2006 by Karen Vercoe. And on 24 November, The HP People are holding a workshop in Queensland’s Bowen Hills called “That’s Enough Now!”.

If the workshop title isn’t enough to get you running for a ticket, then take a look at these scenarios below: if any of these sound familiar, you should book a ticket. Now.


Scenario #1: Your staff appear to be in charge: they seem to take sick days every week and knock off early any chance they’ve got. They’re also constantly snap-chatting their friends in work hours and you wonder (just a bit) if it’s about work, or worse, you…

Scenario #2: You feel you don’t have any rights, in fact you’re not even sure if you have any.

Scenario #3: You don’t know how to motivate your staff. Do they even want to be motivated? You’re not sure…

Scenario #4: You don’t feel your business is as successful as it could be… But then, you know that your staff are actually amazing (well, you did hire them yourself), so you wonder why things aren’t bopping along as well as you want them to.


If this sounds like you, HR pro Karen Vercoe will help get things back in order, quick smart. The “That’s Enough Now!” workshop will be held 24 November at 4pm at Integrity Wealth on Campbell Street, Bowen Hills, Queensland. 

Tickets are $40 each and can be purchased from Karen Vercoe;




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