KA-CHING! How To Increase Your Salon Revenue

This month, Lisa Schmelzkopf and Megan Stuart will host a strategic planning seminar, focused on showing salon owners simple ways to increase revenue.

Source: theaccidentalaustralian.com
Source: theaccidentalaustralian.com

Thank God for women’s dedication to looking good.

With a growth rate of 1.5% per year, Australia’s beauty industry continues to be unaffected by the economic slumps that have seen some businesses hit hard, thanks to our addiction to all things beautifying.

But despite continued growth and ever-loyal clientele, some salons are going out of business.

Founder of Marketing Made Beautiful, Megan Stuart, and the brains behind Schmelzkopf Cosmetics, Lisa Schmelzkopf, are convinced it’s due to poor business planning, and are joining forces to help South Australian hair and beauty salons get back on top.

This month the duo will hold a short seminar aimed at teaching fellow beauty professionals how to implement strategies to increase client retention, staff productivity and profit.

“We’re heading to a point in the economy where it’s time to start looking at solutions where we can evangelise and increase on what we do have, to start opening up more job opportunities,” says Stuart.

On Monday, October 20, Stuart and Schmelzkopf will share their experience and expertise with beauty therapists on everything from business planning, to working with databases and staff to improve salon revenue.

The evening event, which will kick off at 6pm at The Lion Hotel, is also aimed at supporting victims of breast cancer, with all proceeds going to women’s breast cancer research.

Details in a flash

Who: Schmelzkopf Cosmetics founder Lisa Schmelzkopf and Megan Stuart of Marketing Made Beautiful

What: A short evening presentation on strategic planning to increase salon revenue

Where: The Lion Hotel, North Adelaide

When: 6pm

Cost: $20 per person, with all proceeds going to women’s breast cancer research

Registration: Contact Megan Stuart or Lisa Schmelzkopf on 0433 122 201

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