Stars of the reality hit TV show, Beauty & The Geek, Sarah Lawther and Kassandra Kashian have signed with brow and beauty company, Get Threaded, as the brand’s newest ambassadors.

Professional brow and beauty brand Get Threaded have tapped into the pulling power of reality TV with their latest campaign, which sees Beauty & The Geek stars Sarah Lawther and Kassandra Kashian take centre stage as ambassadords for its specialty threading and hair removal services.

“Unlike waxing, which I was doing prior to discovering Get Threaded, threading doesn’t take off any layers of your skin,” says Lawther, who achieved reality stardom after winning the 2012 series of Beauty & The Geek.

Kashian, who comes to the brand after a stint on the 2013 series, has a background in makeup artistry herself.

“As a makeup artist, I am all about defined and tidy brows, so this is the perfect title for me to have.”

Both reality stars had already been loyal followers of the brand prior to being approached, so the collaboration was a perfect fit, says Get Threaded store owner Evangelia Kayrouz.

“When we were looking for someone to represent the brand, we wanted people who truly loved our services and were genuinely interested and loved brows.”

The reality star duo will head up the brand’s marketing campaigns as ambassadors in 2015.