Esthelis: filling me softly

After almost two years on the market, dermal filler Esthelis has proved it can stand the test of time. Known as the “next generation filler”, the polydensified monophasic product is used to increase skin tissue volume for the filling of wrinkles, scars and depressions in women and men of all ages. Made from hyaluronic acid and obtained by biofermentation, Esthelis is a product of natural origin that is safe, entirely biocompatible and completely biodegradable. Its naturally-occurring complex sugar base means it is not treated as a foreign body when injected and drinking water actually augments the plumping effects of the hyaluronic acid.

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Peter Bakaric, of the Collagen Face Centre, has used Esthelis on over 2000 patients to augment lips, correct frown and smile lines and smooth wrinkles on the lower face and is as delighted as his patients with the results. An experienced aesthetic injector, he has worked with other dermal fillers but is finding greater patient satisfaction with this newest fourth generation product. “I find Esthelis very easy to work with,” he says. “It is longer-lasting, non-lumpy and, aside from occasional localised bruising and some initial swelling, there are less complications or side effects; I’ve had no complaints in two years, only positive comments on the soft, natural look and minimal downtime after a treatment.”

Dr Bakaric is realising the best results using a combination of Esthelis and Dysport.

He is able to individually tailor treatment to a wide variety of aesthetic requirements. “The combined effects of Dysport as a muscle relaxant and the superior qualities of Esthelis are providing patients with the best possible outcome,” he says, “and alleviating injection – and credit card – fatigue, by extending the product efficacy cycle to around nine months”.

The manufacturers of Esthelis, Mondeal Aesthetics, are planning to supplement their success with two new products, Mesolis and Fortelis, pending TGA approval.

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