Equipment Survey Results Part Three

During the month of August Professional Beauty conducted an industry-wide equipment survey in order to reveal the trends and movements of this booming sector. 

The results will be revealed every Thursday in the month of September.

Keeping abreast of new technologies

  • 73% said it is very important to keep up-to-date with the latest salon equipment options.It is very positive to see the level of interest in aesthetic equipment in the beauty industry,” says Advanced Cosmeceuticals managing director, Catherine Biedermann. “To stay competitive and be able to provide advanced treatment options, salons and clinics will need to offer more than traditional beauty therapy. Equipment providers need to work with their clients and find out what the salon’s clientele is looking for and what price point they are willing to pay for a treatment.”

What you’re using right now

  • 50% of you have microdermabrasion, 30% have dermaroller, 20% have LED photo-rejuvenation and 20% have sonophoresis. “It’s interesting to see only 50% are using microdermabrasion but 30% are performing dermal needling. A new business will need equipment that can be offered to many clients and microdermabrasion is often the first choice for a new salon. It is an add-on or stand-alone treatment that can be performed on most skin types and is very cost effective for the salon/clinic, offering very good results. Microdermabrasion is a piece of equipment we would expect to see in most businesses. Dermal Needling has gained a lot of attention and is a very effective treatment which can be administered by trained therapists or doctors using different lengths of needles and different devices. It’s an option that allows salons to offer more clinical treatments without having to outlay a large amount for equipment,” explains Biedermann.

How many machines you’re using

  • 82% of you have 1-3 machines in your salon. “Every business should know how much profit they are making from the use of their equipment,” says Biedermann. Therapists need to be trained on how to use a device but also on how to recommend the treatment to a client. LED is one of the devices that can be added to almost every treatment as well as being a stand-alone. The same goes for micro, sonophoresis and many other devices.”

How often you’re using them

  • 39% said they use equipment on less than 20% of treatments performed. “Clients are more likely to buy new equipment if they’re utilising the devices they have in their salon or clinic. After-sale service and support is vital to ensure the equipment is used correctly and clients enjoy the results. Looking at the figure of 39% using equipment on less than 20% of their treatments, there must be a lot of underused equipment sitting around. Many of the aesthetic devices can be used as add-on treatments or become part of a facial.  This is where the supplier needs to help with suggestions on how to maximise the use of the device, which will benefit the salon or clinic in terms of offering better treatment results for their clients while increasing their profitability and productivity of their equipment,” explains Biedermann.

Stay tuned for the next round of results – to be published next Thursday.

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