Elements Australia launches website

Natural skincare brand, Elements Australia recently launched their new e-commerce website: www.elementsaustralia.com.au. The website offers comprehensive information on Elements products, key ingredients and technologies. The new website has an online ordering facility where salon customers can login, view and order products at a time that best suits them. Elements Australia ships all orders within 24 hours, with overnight delivery to most capital cities. There is also a link for careers with the company.

Elements Australia founder, biochemist and aroma scientist, Galina Clare, said, “We have launched our e-commerce website to offer convenience of 24/7 service to our customers as well as providing them with up-to-date information on our products.”

According to Clare, feedback on the website so far has been very positive. “Our customers told us that the Elements website is fast, very easy to navigate, informative and [it’s] easy to place orders,” she said. “We have in excess of 70 registered users with many of them now using our website to order the products online.”

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