DURI Rejuvacote named Best Nail Strengthener by US Instyle

DURI Rejuvacote, distributed by Hawley International recently won Best Nail Strengthener in the Nail Category in US Instyle magazine’s 14th annual list of Best Beauty Buys for 2009.

The keratin-rich DURI Rejuvacote helps strengthen and repair brittle and split nails and damage caused by some acrylics. It contains vitamin B to fortify and nourish soft, flimsy conditions and guard against peeling for healthier and stronger natural nails.

On hearing the news, Louise Rees from Hawley International, the Australian distributor for DURI Rejuvacote, said: “This is great news. As Rejuvacote has amazing qualities, it comes in at a slightly higher price point which makes it that bit harder to reach the market. There is no equal for its capability to rejuvenate the natural nail as those who use it know only too well – and now the secret’s out too.”

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