Dr. Spiller Germany Trip

Six Dr. Spiller therapists have been invited to participate in the brand’s annual trip to Germany.

The Krallerhof Hotel – where therapists will be staying. Image via www.krallerhof.com/en

The top six Australian Dr. Spiller therapists have been announced and will be leaving the country in May to tour and experience Bavaria and the mountains around the region of Salzburg.

The purpose of this trip is to reward the top therapists in a trip of a lifetime. It is also to educate them on the rich history and head office operations behind the brand. The 4-day trip will begin on May 21 and end on May 24.

The envious itinerary includes:

Day 1: After recovery from the flight, the winners will take the 90-minute trip from their Munich hotel to The Krallerhof, located in the mountains near Salzburg. The Krallerhof is a top class wellness hotel. Guests are free to enjoy the day as they wish – enjoy treatments and relax in the ‘Refugium’ spa area, take the herbal trail, ride the cable car to the top of the Asitz mountain offering great views, a wonderful old-time restaurant and – for the adventurous – a variety of activities such as Europe’s longest ‘Flying Fox’.

Day 2: Guests will be taken to the head office of Dr. Spiller GmbH, where they will be introduced to senior management. They will be given a tour through the laboratory where Dr. Spiller’s formulations are created, before donning protective gear for the visit through the high-tech production facilities. After a tour through the warehouse they will arrive at Dr. Spiller’s training centre. Dr. Spiller’s international trainer will then provide instruction in some advanced products and facial techniques and will introduce the visitors to the new Energy Line Massage. For dinner, the participants will return to The Krallerhof to their reserved tables and a sumptuous a la carte menu.

Day 3: Visitors will be taken on a tour of Salzburg to see the famous Getreide Gasse, the place of Mozart’s birth. They’ll be able to enjoy a slice of world famous Sacher Torte at the Hotel Sacher located on the Salzach River. Finally they’ll be board a horse-drawn cart for the ‘Sound of Music’ tour.

Day 4: Following a hearty breakfast, the guests will be taken to Salzburg from where they will continue their exploration of Europe until their return to Australia.

For more information visit http://www.dr-spiller.com.au/

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