Dr Glen Calderhead to hold talk on OMNILUX Light Therapy

Dr Glen Calderhead will be a guest speaker at the 7th National Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Conference and is also to hold an information night "OMNILUX™ Light Therapy" on Wednesday 21st September at the True Solutions International's Zetland Office in Sydney. The conference is from 6pm – 9pm and free of charge.

Expert In Light Therapy
Light therapy and anti-ageing is made easy by Dr Calderhead Msc,Phd DrMedSci FRSM.

Long respected by his peers, Dr Calderhead has a long, illustrious career in laser medicine. As author and co-author of more than 138 scientific papers on biomedicine and phototherapy, as well as author and collaborator on 10 books on laser therapy, laser surgery and simulation surgery, Dr Calderhead richly deserves the international acclaim he has received from his peers.

He hails OMNILUX™ Light Therapy as a highly effective and beneficial treatment for anyone suffering skin stress, particularly those with photoageing or acne. "The biggest advantage is low levels of light, in a non-thermal and totally damage-free manner", he says. "This is achieved targeting the reparative cells, and by increasing beneficial substances – in particular our own antioxidants produced by the reparative cells. Light at special wavelengths or colours selectively activates these cells".

Attend Dr Calderhead’s information night to learn about OMNILUX™ Light Therapy and how it can help your skin become clearer and younger-looking.

Contact: Leanne Reid on 02 8332 1818

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