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If you own a spa or salon, we’ve got some good news to share. The world’s fastest-growing daily deals website, LivingSocial is the latest addition to the line-up of coupon sites that can potentially bring hundreds of new clients to your business.

Daily deals websites have become a new and highly-effective marketing channel for small business since being introduced to the Australian market in April, 2010.

offers Australian spas and salons access to an audience of over 1.2 million potential customers on email, Facebook and Twitter. Globally, it has a presence in 125 cities and it recently received 175 million from Amazon – more funding than any other deals site in Australia.

LivingSocial is based on a proven business model that is used by millions of shoppers and merchants around the world. Our customers are socially active, and love the idea of trying a new venue with an eye to returning again and again. Each day, hundreds of thousands of Australians check their emails, Facebook and Twitter in anticipation of the day’s deals,” says Colin Fabig, CEO of LivingSocial Australia.

Confused about how it all works? It’s pretty simple. From day spas and spray tans to fine dining and adventure sports, LivingSocial offers one highly-discounted and coveted offer in each Australian city by negotiating below-cost services with merchants. Buyers have only 24 hours to secure the discounts. Coupons are bought online individually, but a minimum number of people need to buy the deal before it is activated. Buyers are then charged on their credit cards the next day and emailed their coupons.

Here are some Australian businesses that have recently benefited from LivingSocial:

• A 2.5 hour spa package at Alisa Day Spa, Olinda Rainforest, Victoria sold 2245 vouchers.
• IPL hair removal at Skin Deep Medi Spas in Perth sold 2022 vouchers.
• Japanese hair straightening at John Azzi Hairdressing Salon in Sydney’s CBD and Mosman sold 535 vouchers.

Should you decide to partner with LivingSocial, you should prepare for a massive increase in bookings. It’s then up to you to transform the increased traffic to repeat business.

Fabig further explains, “Make sure your server can cope with the increased numbers visiting your website and you have enough people to answer the phones for booking enquiries. It’s important to treat each customer as though they’re paying full price and offer the highest standard of service in order to encourage them to return.”

For more information on how you can take advantage of LivingSocial go here.


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