David Babaii Lunches with Media

Celebrity hair stylist David Babaii flew to Sydney for a beauty media lunch in Potts Point at The Apollo restaurant on 12 April 2012.

Celebrity hair stylist David Babaii at media lunch

Alex Sisiolas, CEO of the IGEA Group opened the event to celebrate David Babaii’s eponymous hair care and styling range. When David launched the brand with Kate Hudson in 2008, IGEA was appointed the main international distributor. Now, David Babaii is a jointly owned venture between the group and David himself.

David Babaii to launch new products in coming months

Alex announced David’s visit for the relaunch of the brand including a new strategy and philosophy.

“In the last few years, I’ve become very good friends with David, “He’s very passionate about the environment, as you know he’s an animal lover, and all of his philosophies transcend into his work and his products.”

“America is where I live, Australia is my home,” says David.

Guests enjoyed a beautiful Greek spread by The Apollo. The brand is set to launch new products in coming months while David will be returning to Australia later in the year.

Fore more information on David Babaii visit www.db4wildaid.com.au

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