Cosmetic formulation trends for 2017

2016 saw a demand for fast-to-market formulations, a rapid growth of ‘natural’ products, and a newly found interest in the sensory aspects of a product. So, what does 2017 hold for cosmetic formulations?

The Institute of Personal Care Science just released their report on key formulation trends of 2017, and they’re billed to transform the beauty industry.

Make it personal
Personalisation is going to be big this year, with IPCS predicting a rise in consumers purchasing product ranges that have a customisable base and optional active ingredients.

“Make sure your base addresses key concerns in general such as anti-pollution but provide active concentrates with easy dispensing units and clear instructions for true customisation and a happy consumer,” says the report.

“Consumers want a product to suit them, matching their lifestyle, their skin, their tone, their look.” Skincare is just the start – customisable cosmetics and scents that can be modified by the customer with small additions of concentrates are the latest innovation in the beauty industry.

Sustainably sourced
The cosmetic and skincare industries have placed a spotlight on sustainable formulations and manufacturing in recent years, and according to IPCS’s latest report, this effort will double in 2017.

“Using sustainably sourced materials is a must moving forward; but adding to this message is other environmentally and/or community focused messages,” reads the report.

“From greening up your carbon footprint, using materials that ‘give back’ and even making a point of your recycled packaging, make sure your marketing provides the sustainability message of your brand as a mainstay from 2017 on.”

Sweat proof
This is the year that film formers will take off, with the layering agent enabling makeup to withstand exercise but still be selfie-ready.

This trend is already prevalent in Asia, especially with women who have substantial social media followings.

These influencers have taken to YouTube and Instagram to document their results, and, in classic social media style, the trend has started to go viral.


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