Nail Appointments Claim the Top Spot in Monthly Consumer Spending Among Beauty Categories

According to new research analysed by Western Australia-based cosmetic clinics, Youth Lab in collaboration with Finder, Australians collectively invest $AU1.6 billion each month in beauty and aesthetic treatments.

Botox/filler/plastic surgery and hair appointments far outweighed traditional beauty treatments in national average spend. However, it was found that a national average of $158 million is spent per month on nail appointments – the highest amount of all beauty salon treatments. This amount equates to an individual average spend of $39 on nail appointments monthly.

Eyelash extensions also see an individual average spend of $39 monthly, however equate to a national average spend of $134 million. Skin treatments/facials follow, with an individual average spend of $37, and national average spend of $113 million per month.

Acquiring the lowest monthly spend is fake tanning, with an average individual spend of $5 per month, or $15 million nationally. Eyebrow microblading or lamination sees individuals spend $20 on average a month, or $61 million nationally. Followed by waxing services, that see individuals spend $20 on average a month, or $65 million nationally.

On the findings, Dr Kate Jameson of Youth Lab says, “The spending disparities among beauty treatments often stem from factors such as the complexity of the procedure, the expertise required from practitioners [or therapists], the duration of results, and the perceived value by consumers.”

“Treatments like Botox/filler injections and plastic surgery typically involve specialised skills, medical oversight, and longer-lasting effects, thus commanding higher prices. Conversely, services like basic skincare or haircuts may require less time, expertise, and resources, leading to comparatively lower costs. Additionally, trends, societal norms, and marketing strategies can influence the perceived value of certain treatments, affecting consumer willingness to spend more on them.”

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