Clinic Care launches skin-needling device for the body

Following on from its release of skin-needling device, Dermaroller, Clinic Care has launched the Beauty Mouse – a device which incorporates three Dermaroller heads, designed to treat cellulite and stretch marks on large surface areas, including thighs, stomachs and buttocks.

Sean Abel, Director of Clinic Care, said: “The Beauty Mouse is the most exciting non-surgical innovation in the battle against cellulite for years. The device looks similar to a computer mouse and uses micro-needling technology, incorporating three Dermaroller heads to target large surface areas where cellulite is commonly found. The TGA-listed mouse is embedded with 480 ultra fine needles, stimulating skin, improving micro-circulation and allowing active substances to penetrate into deeper dermal layers.

“Essentially, the Beauty Mouse enhances the benefits of skincare products in targeting cellulite and, to a lesser extent, stretch marks,” Abel added.

When rolled over the skin’s surface, the 0.2 mm needles penetrate the top layer of the skin – the stratum corneum – creating micro channels whereby substances applied to the dermis gain access to the deeper and more viable skin layers. The micro-channel delivery system allows active ingredients maximum absorption and stimulation.

The Beauty Mouse is intended to be used in conjunction with exercise, diet and targeted beauty products, such as another product distributed by Clinic Care, the anti-cellulite lotion, Dermaquest DermaFirm.

Abel said that “significantly smoother” skin can be seen within four weeks when using the Beauty Mouse with Dermaquest DermaFirm daily.

Matty Samaei, Cosmetic Nurse at Sydney’s Karma Medispa said: "Although there are many theories about the cause of cellulite, one theory is that the skin and the subcutaneous fat suffer from a lack of circulation. The [skin-needling action of] the Beauty Mouse makes the skin breathe better as it brings blood, oxygen and nutrition to the problem area. Increasing the circulation to the area will improve the lymphatic drainage and metabolism of the fat cells in the problem area, which wil reduce the appearance of cellulite."

Clinic Care is making the Beauty Mouse and Dermaquest DermaFirm available at selected beauty and cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons nationally.

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