Clear Skin is a Weighty Issue

Australians are more concerned about clear skin than about their waistlines, according to a survey conducted by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) and their cosmetic medicine website Costhetics.

The survey found when it comes to our appearance, Australians are more concerned about their skin tone and texture than they are about their weight. The CPSA survey revealed skin tone and texture, such as redness, sun spots, freckles, pigmentation and complexion, were the most concerning aspects of appearance for the majority of respondents.
The appearance of fine lines ranked second among those surveyed, followed by loss of volume in the face and weight, which were voted equal third.

Respondents aged 21 to 30 nominated skin tone as their number one concern. “While the survey results may surprise some, they’re consistent with what CPSA doctors see their practices. Often, poor quality skin tone, such as blotchy skin, redness and sun spots can be even more ageing than wrinkles, which explains why skin tone rated so highly among respondents,” Dr. Susan Austin from CPSA says.

CPSA members report some of the most prevalent skin-related conditions which Australians present for treatment include acne, Rosacea and pigmentation disorders.

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