Cawarra Cosmetics Gets Eco-Friendly Makeover

In a bid to step up it’s eco-friendly efforts, Australian skincare brand Cawarra Cosmetics has made all of its factories solar powered.

Byron Shire based certified organic skincare manufacturer Cawarra Cosmetics, which manufactures skincare ranges Sanctum and Organicspa, this week gave its factories a major eco-makeover.

Brand owner, Greg Milham initiated the project, which involved installing solar panels in all five of its factories at its Billinudgel headquarters.

The customised solar system from Tweed Heads based company, SAE, will allow the company to produce enough electricity to power their manufacturing plants during daylight hours without relying on the grid.

“Rather than feeding power back to the grid and receiving compensation on energy bills, this new system means we literally produce and consume our own electricity independent of the grid,” says Milham.

The environmentally conscious business has been waiting for a system such as this that would allow them to be truly self-sufficient. Cawarra modelled their new solar systems based on the individual power needs of each factory and the various equipment within.

“Despite a cloudy sky, Cawarra’s first day with the panels saw enough solar energy produced to power the entire facility, with a surplus of 60.9KW donated back to the grid,” says Milham.

Cawarra Cosmetics is a member of the NSW Sustainability Advantage Program and the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program, being commended for implementing energy efficiency improvements and committing to lower carbon pollution.

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