Bodyography launches into New Zealand

On Monday May 4, Bodyography Cosmetics officially launched into New Zealand with an open day and media launch at Beauty Spa & Wellbeing, Half Moon Bay, a suburb of Auckland.

Rob Tamburro, General Manager, Bodyography, said that the New Zealand market in general is fantastic when launching new products.

“[New Zealanders] are always welcoming to new products and always looking for something new, approaching it with an open mind,” he said.

“For a country with only four million people it’s a unique market in the sense that people don’t mind paying for a quality product as it is accustomed to increased exchange rates and freight costs. Therefore, there is not an abundance of products available or saturating the market keeping product quality on luxury items at a premium.”

Tamburro (pictured here with Bodyography Makeup Artist Educator, Jodie Drago), added:

“We have found some amazing distributors in New Zealand and we are proud to work alongside them. With offices in the North and South Island, Beauty Spa & Wellbeing [BSW] has a well balanced and dedicated team looking to build the Bodyography brand in the years to come. BSW will work alongside Bodyography Australia and replicate our movements in not only packages that we offer, but also the service and support we aim to deliver. We think it’s exciting for all involved launching Bodyography into New Zealand and believe it is a range that New Zealanders have been waiting for, catering for the professional beauty industry.”

For New Zealand enquiries, contact BSW on +64 03 417 4926.

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