Bio Sculpture launches online store

Bio Sculpture

To all you nail addicts out there – we’ve got some very convenient Christmas news for you.

Bio Sculpture has finally launched their online store, and it’s the kaleidoscope of colour, inspiration and products that you’d expect it to be.

You’ll now be able to purchase all of your nail-related salon products at a mere click of a button, with the website home to not only the Bio Sculpture Gel range but also all EVO bases, accessories, starter kits and colour gels.

You’ll also find an extensive variety of nail treatments, solutions, spa products, nail art and accessories that include, but aren’t limited to LED lamps, brushes, desk setups, sculptures, displays and more.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to purchase products from your phone thanks to Bio Sculpture’s mobile-friendly site.

With its five-star safety rating, vegan-friendly ingredients and anti-animal testing stance, this award-winning brand can now be purchased from every corner of Australia.

They recently released their Disco Dolly Collection – a range of bold, daring and uncompromisingly cool colours varying from aluminum organza to neon lace.

They’ve also launched EVO’s Mood Colours collection, a series of intense and vibrant shades that shift and transform when the temperature changes.

Well, we think we know what we want for Christmas.

Click here to check out the store


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