Beauty EDU Short Course and Masterclass Series

Beauty EDU has announced a dynamic Short Course and Masterclass Series in collaboration with makeup artists and creative agency Hart & Co.

Beauty EDU founders
Beauty EDU founders


These classes and short courses are designed for everyday beauty enthusiasts keen to enhance their knowledge and seasoned professionals looking to upskill. All students will receive hands-on training, up-to-date techniques and trends, and backstage fashion week secrets.


Classes range from intensive, hands-on tutorials to large seminars involving panel discussions.

Belinda Blanka
Left: Belinda Zollo, right: Blanka Dudas

Beauty EDU’s key series partner, Hart & Co., represents a number of highly skilled and established artists from the hair, makeup, styling and photography industries. Students can learn the art of runway makeup from Belinda Zollo, how to create the perfect smokey eye with Christine Gaunt, receive tips and tricks from Julie Provis, or master the winged eye with Blanka Dudas.

?????????????????????? Chantelle Baker
Left: Julie Provis, right: Chantelle Baker

Makeup artist and educator Michael Brown will be among the freelance beauty luminaries onboard. Celebrity makeup artist Chantelle Baker will also be a part of the team.

The first masterclass will be held on June 26 with a panel moderated by co-founder Rebecca Judd.

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