Are you an aesthetics technology newbie?

Getting into aesthetics technology for the first time can be daunting – both from a knowledge point of view and a financial one. But there is plenty of affordable entry-point technology to get excited about. We talk to Kane Hammond from The Global Beauty Group about how to boost your business without breaking the bank.


Kane Hammond, CEO of The Global Beauty Group says getting into technology is not as expensive as people think.
Kane Hammond, CEO of The Global Beauty Group says getting into technology is not as expensive as people think.


What technology should someone who has always worked with traditional methods start out with?

“While every business is different, trending technologies such as Hydrodermabrasion tend to be popular with first-time beauty investors,” says Hammond. “For a clinician transitioning into technology, our award winning Bio-Hydroderm Trinity Hydrodermabrasion device is simple to operate, comes with comprehensive training, step-by-step protocols, and delivers clients psychologically satisfying results. Skin rejuvenation treatments like Hydrodermabrasion can also easily be packaged to include existing treatments a business may have, such as facials.”

Is there training available for new technology users?

“The Global Beauty Group provides comprehensive training programs led by industry qualified expert trainers on all our devices,” says Hammond. “This equips clinicians with both theory based and hands-on training to safely and confidently operate more advanced technologies such as an IPL machine or laser tattoo removal machine.”

Sole traders and professionals who work out of home can find it financially difficult to get into technology. What is an ideal entry-point technology for these experts?

“Virtually all beauty businesses have access to technology within their price range,” says Hammond. “On a financing plan, most of our devices would be paid for with just one treatment a week with everything else being profit. For example, LED treatments predominately range from $89-$129 per session, with LED devices available from $51 per week. It’s a hand-free treatment that is a breeze to operate, and easily combined with other treatments (such as facials), to smoothly introduce [a salon into] technology.”

BT Accent LED is a wise investment: an LED treatment can charge between $89-$129 per session at only $51 p/week outlay.
BT Accent LED is a wise investment: an LED treatment can charge between $89-$129 with only $51 p/week outlay.


Is technology affordable for the average salon?

“We find technology is far more affordable than people may think at first glance,” says Hammond. “And with the right support and marketing plan in place, you can make excellent returns – some of our clients make tens of thousands of additional revenue a year, if not more – when choosing the right pieces of equipment.”

What areas of technology will give the most business benefits to a professional starting out?

“In terms of benefits to a new business, we see a lot of success from clients who have invested in a device that expands their treatment menu and makes them the go-to treatment provider for a range of advanced services,” says Hammond. “IPL is ideal for this – it offers one of the most popular treatments on the market today with permanent hair reduction, and can also effectively treat everything from rosacea, pigmentation and sun spots, active acne and acne-causing bacteria, as well as photo rejuvenation for wrinkle reduction, pore refinement and an overall improvement in skin texture for younger, more beautiful skin.”

What should a professional think about in terms of investment?

“I like to encourage beauty business owners to think about their investment in terms of the value they receive for their purchase, rather than just looking at the cost of the device,” says Hammond. “Beauty salon equipment can be a truly life-changing investment for both businesses and their clients, which is why we place such importance on quality, training and ongoing support for our customers.”


BHD Trinity
Bio-Hydroderm Trinity Hydrodermabrasion makes great entry point technology.


What can a professional be prepared to pay for a high quality entry-point device?

“We include a broad spectrum of professional devices ranging from just $419 for the handy bt-Micro ultrasonic exfoliator, through to the world’s fastest tattoo removal laser, the TRI-BEAM Q-Switched ND:Yag laser, to enable beauty businesses of all sizes and budgets access to the most results-driven technology in the industry.”

How can a professional add technology like this into their treatment menu?

“The first step is to analyse your target market – understand, and listen to, their concerns,” says Hammond. “You want equipment that will pay for itself and work to help your business prosper financially. If clients are asking for anti-ageing, then skin renewal and skin tightening services will likely do well for your business. If waxing is a popular request, laser or IPL hair reduction will achieve better results. The reality is, failing to act on your clients needs may lead them to seek services elsewhere.”


The bt-Accent LED device is a great entry level LED device for first-time technology buyers.
The bt-Accent LED device is a great entry level LED device for first-time technology buyers.

What is an example of return on investment for an entry-point device?

“We have clients with the award-winning Bio-Hydroderm Trinity comfortably charging in excess of $149 for a 60 minute Hydrodermabrasion facial, yet our financing plans start at just $61 per week for this device,” says Hammond. “Business owners providing just one hydrodermabrasion treatment per day would be bringing in $982 per week, before deducting overheads. For people starting out, hydrodermabrasion is a good entry level option as it’s already one of the most popular non-surgical treatments out there that always keeps clients coming back for more.”

How can a professionals market the addition of technology to their treatment list?  

“It can be difficult to know where to start in promoting a new treatment – that’s why we provide a comprehensive range of promotional posters and brochures, flyers, suggested social media posts, email templates, treatment pricing and promo ideas to our clients,” says Hammond. “It’s just a stock-standard part of our service, but our clients love it because it really helps them to get the ball rolling and boost their business image. Our marketing team are also on-hand to offer advice on how to use the resources we provide, and the best ways to get new customers coming through your door.”

Is there after-purchase support for a professional who has just entered the world of technology?

“Our team of experts support you every step of the way upon purchasing your new technology – this includes marketing support, clinical support and technical support. There’s also re-training options, Australian based warehousing and engineering, and even a back-up machine service in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.”

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