All set for the new equipment regulations?

New regulations are on the cards for the equipment industry. We talk to Kane Hammond, CEO of The Global Beauty Group for his take. 


Are you ready for the new aesthetic equipment regulations if and when they come in? Kane Hammond of The Global Beauty Group says the key is quality equipment and first-rate training.
Are you ready for the new aesthetic equipment regulations if and when they come in? Kane Hammond of The Global Beauty Group says the key is quality equipment and first-rate training.


How important is it to professionals that the equipment industry is regulated? 

“It’s in the interests of everyone in the industry to ensure that clinicians are performing treatments that are safe and provide results of a high standard. This was reflected in responses with 80.93% of survey respondents in the Professional Beauty Equipment Survey saying “Yes” to the question “Would you like to see more regulations when it comes to importing and using certain equipment such as IPL and lasers”.”


How can we ensure aesthetic equipment is safe?

“Speaking from my experience, I know from hundreds of successful clients that, in the right hands, IPL, laser and light based devices are safe and provide outstanding results. Here at The Global Beauty Group we have a model of best practice, which includes the distribution of high quality machines, the provision of world class training and ongoing clinical and technical support for clients.”


Where do the problems with aesthetic equipment lie?

“My feeling is that the calls for regulation around technology are stemming from a lack of quality amongst some suppliers. There’s no shortage of challenges aesthetic clinicians can run into when using technology. Whether it be insufficient training, inaccurate training, the [lack of] quality and testing of machines, a lack of access to treatment advice or ongoing clinical support, or just support in general. This is why we encourage beauty business owners to source their devices from reputable and experienced suppliers.”


What do you think it the key to a safe and effective aesthetic industry?

“We believe our model of industry expert training, ongoing clinical and technical support, together with the quality of our devices, allows our clients to operate at the highest levels in the industry.”



RF Frequency is loved by clients and practitioners for its skin tightening effects.
RF Fractional devices are loved by clients and practitioners for their skin tightening effects.


What advice do you have for the decisions makers in these new regulations?

“I feel it is important for decision makers to appreciate that there are a lot of good operators who provide a safe and high quality service at a competitive fee and for whom excessive regulation would not only be very costly, but have the effect of squeezing them out of the industry.”


For salons wanting to break into the aesthetics market, what area of equipment is Global Beauty Group focusing on at the moment?

“With 52.53% of Professional Beauty Equipment Survey respondents choosing “skin tightening/rejuvenation” as the technology they would be most likely to invest in, skin tightening remains one of the most popular areas of investment for beauty business’s. While there are many devices The Global Beauty Group have to assist in skin tightening and rejuvenation – from LED, hydrodermabrasion, RF skin tightening, carbon facials, IPL photo rejuvenation, microcurrent, oxygen facials and more – I think RF fractional devices such as our Venus Viva are particularly exciting.”


In two sentences, can you tell us about the Venus Viva? 

“The Venus Viva delivers multi-faceted medical aesthetic services; including facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scar treatment and skin texture improvement with minimal downtime. The quality of results we are seeing from treatments would have been unthinkable just a few years ago – it’s a game changer.”




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