The 5 Dumbest Things Salon Clients Have Actually Said

We love all our clients, but every so often one says something that can’t help but make us weep for humanity.

"You did not seriously just say that."

Ever wished someone was around to witness the mind-boggling things that come out of some salon clients’ mouths, just so your friends didn’t think you were making this stuff up?

You’re not alone.

We stumbled across these hilariously stupid real-life conversations people had with their beauty therapists on employee confessional site,…

(PS: We love all our clients, even the ones who ask silly questions.)

1. A case of sensitive skin

Customer: “I just don’t understand it. I take really good care of my skin. I get facials and I only use really good makeup.”

Beauty therapist: “Well, the problem could be caused by something really simple, like an allergic reaction. What do you use to remove your makeup?”

Customer: “Like…what?”

Beauty therapist: “When you take off your make up at night, what do you use?”

Customer: *silence*

Beauty therapist: “Do you use a cleanser or soap and water?”

Customer: “I don’t take it off. Are you supposed to?”

2. Mani/pedi madness


Customer: “We have an appointment for four mani/pedis.”

Beauty therapist: “Okay, can I get your name? And how old are these three?”

Customer: “Why do you need to know how old they are?”

Beauty therapist: “If they’re under 12, they get Princess mani/pedis for ten dollars less.”

Customer: “No. I want them to have real mani/pedis. I want them to have good nails!”

Beauty therapist: “I understand, and they will. Princess treatments are only less because their nails are smaller so they don’t take as–”

Customer: “I want them to have REAL ones! You’re trying to give them half-a**ed service!”

Beauty therapist: “The only difference is the price. Do you want to pay $156 or $129?”

Customer: “…Well in that case, yes. They’re all under 12.”

3. No sub-price for the sub-continent

Customer: “How much is it to have my whole face done?”

Spray tanner: “Twenty-two dollars.”

Customer: “I’m Indian.”

Spray tanner: “Yes. Twenty-two dollars.”

Customer: “Really? Even for an Indian?”

4. Take it or leave it

Customer: “Ugh, this is just so ugly. I can’t believe you’re making me pay for this.”

Nail technician: “Ma’am, I asked you if you were okay with the design after I attached the first. Why didn’t you say that you didn’t like it then?”

Customer: “Well, I thought I would like it once they were all on, but this is just too hideous!”

5. Two and a half customers

Customer: “I wanted to make appointments for two people today.”

Salon owner: “Sure, what kind of services would you like?”

Customer: “Two pedicures. I also wanted to bring my daughter in for a kid’s pedi.”

Salon owner: “Oh okay, so you’re actually booking for three people?”

Customer: *sounding annoyed* “Does she even count? She’s a kid.”

Salon owner: “Yes. She’s still a person.”


Have your say: What’s the weirdest thing a client’s ever said to you?

2 thoughts on “The 5 Dumbest Things Salon Clients Have Actually Said

  1. A few, most recently, a young client said after I’d completed her nails ‘how do you manage to get them to look so professional? ‘ ‘erm, that’d be cause I am one!’
    Years ago, half way through a course of Transion N slimming treatment on a lady who had continually lost on average 4″ per 15 treatment asked so ‘when can I can my money back?’ Utterly astonished I replied ‘why would you want your money back?’ Her response was ‘well the ad said if I wasn’t happy I could get a refund. ‘ ‘erm yes, on the first treatment!! ‘

  2. Client : How much for half leg wax?
    Therapist: $25
    Client: Is that for 1 leg only?
    Therapist: No. both legs.
    I get this question asked a few times a year. Never had any one come in for half a job done.

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