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White Gel Sculpture Fill
By Young Nails Australia

1. Prepare Nail

  • Use Cleanse to sanitize all hands.
  • Push cuticles with the spoon side of your Magic Wand.
  • Use the bladed end to scrape away any protein growth from under the cuticle and nail groove.
  • Remove shine or any lifting with a medium sanding band on the electric file (or 150/150 grit file).
  • Swipe the nail free of contaminates.
  • Apply 2 coats of Protein Bond. Make sure the surface stays sticky      


2. Apply Protein Bond

Apply 2 Coats of Protein Bond. Make sure the surface stays sticky.

3. Apply Base Gel

Base is the bonding layer and must be applied evenly. Apply base to 1 hand and cure for 30 seconds to ensure adhesion. Repeat on the other hand. Over-curing the Base will not affect the bond but DO NOT FREEZE.


4.White Gel Sculpture Layer

White Layer: Apply thin layer of White Sculpture to free edge and up to smile line. Clean up smile line with brush to ensure a sharp smile line. Cure
for 2 minutes. Complete second hand while first hand is curing.


5.  Apply Build Layer 

  • Apply  Build Gel over entire nail.
  • Cure for 2 minutes.


6.  File and Finish

  • Remove sticky residue with swipe.
  • Electric File nail into shape using I-Formation technique.
  • Complete with 150 Zebra hand file & Swipe Apply one coat of Finish Apply Rose Oil to condition the free edge and the cuticle area.

Here at Young Nails we love our Gel!

  If it’s an overlay or extension, stiletto or Square, French or art design we have a Gel System for the job!  There is a place in every salon for both Soft and Hard Gel Systems that’s why we offer both, plus the Kaleidoscope gel paint system which compliments both and can be used when doing Young Nails Acrylic designs!

Our Synergy Hard Gel System offers Superior Strength & Flexibility that will enable you to create the ultimate extension. Our Reverse Application Techniques will provide foolproof perfect smile lines.

Our Mani-Q soft Gel System offers Natural Overlay’s, Amazing Glitter Toes & Spa Manicure Design Nails. This application is so easy you could almost do it with your eye’s shut!

Young Nails Gel is simple to use & a pleasure to teach, that’s why we offer classes in all our techniques. Education, Customer service & Technical Support are our passion. We specialise in time saving techniques and great designs guaranteed to please.

For more information & to see more Young Nails step by steps go to or contact Young Nails on 1300 766 121 or

It’s all about you!

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