Telomere Biology Behind Award Winning Serum

Although wrinkles may appear on skin’s surface, scientists have found that the ageing process is actually linked to telomeres, end caps of DNA that protects the chromosomes. This Nobel Prize-winning research of telomere biology has uncovered that as we grow older, telomeres at the end of our chromosomes shrink which accelerates the ageing process.

SkinMTX® TeloZymeYouth Activator is a revolutionary formulation based on this discovery and is specially formulated to target telomeres to provide younger-looking skin. It works at the key matrix of skin’s youthful appearance to help reinforce and protect skin’s resilience, helping to redensify from within and minimise visible signs of ageing.

How does it work?

This multi-faceted serum helps promote skin renewal, helps maintain skin’s integrity, activates skin’s ability to protect against oxidative stress, replenishes hydration levels and helps strengthen skin’s barrier, optimising its ability to absorb nutrients.

By helping combat signs of ageing from the source, TeloZymeYouth Activator helps rebuild volume and redensify from within for youthful-looking, supple, taut skin. 

The formula is further enhanced by replenishing the skin’s hydration levels with HATriplex– an advanced, multi-weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex. The different weights and sizes of molecules enable more effective penetration into the skin, replenishing and retaining moisture plus promoting nutrient absorption and helping rebalance the complexion. 


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