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Take your salon business to the next level with the MineTan All in One Booth Kit. Shop online with 6 months interest free with Zip. That’s less than $300 per month!

A spray tan machine and clean air overspray extraction in one professional enclosure. Using innovative Micro-Whirlwind Technology, it’s the perfect investment for any salon to create a dedicated spray tan area with the latest spray tan technology.

Upgrade your salon equipment and take your business to the next level with the best selling, world-class All In One Booth for combined extraction & spray tan machine, and your choice of 6 x MineTan Pro Spray Mists.

The very best in extraction technology gives your clients a more professional and pleasant spray tan experience. Have a professional dedicated spray tan area in your salon that enables you to deliver the best spray tan results with natural light replication, powerful extraction, and an ergonomic design so you can create the ultimate spray tan experience for your customers.

The built-in spray tan machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a powerful flow of continuous smooth air for accurate, streak-free tanning. Coupled with an Intelligent Air-Smart Switch that promotes the perfect airflow, it ensures the same professional tan every time.

Key Features of the All in One Tan.Booth

  • Ideal for salons wanting to create the ultimate spray tan experience for their clients
  • Eliminates overspray: Industry strength 4 fan extraction from top to bottom works with the Aerodynamic Curved Chamber to funnel air into an all-encompassing cyclone to extract overspray and generate clean air.
  • Natural Light Replication: The perfect lighting for 360-degree tanning.
  • Technician Inspired Design: Single switch control, ergonomic stance and easy to use slip-in-slip-out easy clean filter system. Ergonomic design for ease of work and movement.
  • Small Salon Footprint: 50% less space than a tent or screen while offering more room than a tent for clients to lift and outstretch their arms.
  • Flatpack easy setup: Two people can assemble in less than 20 minutes.
  • Powerful atomization & variable speed control for flawless, touch-dry &
  • streak-free results like never before
  • NEW Excess 3 Applicator Gun with stainless steel components for increased spray tan control and reduced overspray: save up to 40% of spray tan solution per full body application. Less overspray = more profit.

For more information on the All In One Booth Kit visit: https://au.shop.minetanbodyskin.com/pages/spray-tan-booth-kit

You can contact the MineTan team here: https://marqlabs.com/contact/